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The warranty covers bond failure, delamination (otherwise known as “hot tire pick up”), or peeling resulting from a failure of the product or workmanship.   ​

Due to uncontrolled color tinting from each color batch, colors, textures, patterns, and shading may vary from job to job and throughout larger areas. Color and texture samples used by Elite Epoxy are approximate only and may vary from the completed project.

Any damage to the coating that is caused by movement of the underlying substrate (i.e., concrete, joint material or other such underlayment), such as concrete cracking, movement of concrete, and joints expanding, will not be covered by the warranty.  Improper use, such as battery or brake fluid spills or extremely harsh use, will also not be covered.  Additionally, some tires will leave an amber colored tire tread mark impregnated into the top layer of urethane; this is not covered under the warranty. Any defects caused by osmotic vapor blistering and/or defects are also not covered.

Any repairs and/or corrections will be for the defective area only, unless deemed otherwise by Elite Epoxy LLC. Due to the custom nature of Elite Epoxy coatings, any repairs and or corrections may not match the original work. Elite Epoxy will not reinstall a brand new flooring system to the entire floor due to colors, gloss or sheen difference, texture difference and/or chips not matching.

The portion of coatings that extends outside the closed garage door may fade after a period of time due to the intense Arizona sun. This is normal and is non-warrantable.


No warranty work will be performed if the customer drives on the floor earlier than specified, leaving imprinted marks.​

Resinous coatings are odorous; we recommend turning off air handlers prior to installation. We hold no liability for these chemical odors.

During concrete surface preparation, the use of our equipment may create residue dust or contamination. It is the responsibility of the customer to remove or cover any sensitive items from the area. Every attempt will be made to patch and or correct cracks deeper than 3mm and wider than 2mm in the concrete slab, however, Elite Epoxy does not guarantee that these cracks will not reappear.

The warranty does not cover damage, blistering, peeling, or any condition caused by or related to concrete osmotic pressure or silicates extruding from or out of concrete. These situations are beyond our control and not warranted.

The Elite Epoxy LLC. warranty extends only to the original buyer on record, or the persons named from a licensed contractor acting as the agent for the home.

This LLC is "Not A Licensed Contractor" with the state of Arizona.

The information above is meant to represent an overview of our warranty and terms. If you'd like a copy of our warranty document or would like more information, please contact us.

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