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Industry Leading Products

Industry Leading Products

The products used to make your floor area look stunning is crucial when deciding which epoxy business to hire to epoxy your garage/patio floor.

100% solids epoxy and a Polyaspartic 85 are the top epoxy coating products used worldwide. These products are extremely durable and will leave your garage floor looking amazing!

At Elite Epoxy, we have partnered with Epoxy2u, a Phoenix area leading manufacturer in the concrete coating industry. They ship products around the world to businesses for small to large scale coating projects.

The products sold at Epoxy2u are offered with a LIFETIME warranty.

After prep work is completed, our team applies a 100% solids 6150 coat which is chemically, UV and water resistant. It is also odorless, VOC compliant and is a low viscosity product.

A full flake broadcast is then applied across the entire surface to cover the epoxy. Our customers have eight flake options to choose from. Flakes are ¼ in. in size.

Next, we scrape the loose flake, vacuum extras up and apply the top sealer coat of Polyaspartic 85. This product is UV, scratch, oil, water, and hot tire resistant. It is VOC compliant and extremely durable.

If you are ever stuck on deciding which epoxy business to go with, ask them about their products and how knowledgeable and confident they are with the products they use.

Visit our request for a quote page to begin your consultation! We will help you “Seal The deal”!

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