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Epoxy Coating Benefits!

An epoxy coating will revive and beautify your garage floor/patio/sidewalks. If you are searching for a flooring option that will improve the ambiance of your garage/patio space and at the same time, give you the best value for your money, Epoxy flooring is a great choice for your home or business.

Here are 4 reasons Epoxy is a great choice for your home:

1. Appearance:

For most people, the primary reason for choosing epoxy coating for their garage floor, patio or shop is appearance. Epoxy floorings are brilliant and beautiful and have a distinct seamless appearance that sets them apart. Even the toughest of dirt doesn't stick to the surface of epoxy floors like it would to bare concrete or other flooring alternatives. Because they don't hold dirt or stains, epoxy floors maintain their elegant, smooth, and elite appearance for many years.

2. Resistant to heat & fluids:

Epoxy is used for coating new and old floors. When the Epoxy dries it solidifies it seals the entire floor. This can in fact transform old deteriorating floors into a high-performance floor impervious to all liquids. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are utilizing synthetic concoctions, grease, dye, chemicals, or transmission liquids on your floors. Epoxy floors are highly resistant against liquids; thus, they can persevere through long term misuse. The effectiveness of epoxy as a flooring option goes far beyond its resistance to chemicals, liquids, and stains. This amazing flooring option is also resistant to high temperatures.

3. Cost-effective:

If you want to improve your floors without supplanting the entire flooring, epoxy flooring is a more cost-effective option. The quotes that most installers charge for the installation of epoxy floors on per-square-meter bases is cost-effective compared to the average cost of replacing the entire floor. If your existing concrete flooring or any other flooring is deteriorating, you can augment it – by coating it with epoxy. Epoxy will strengthen your old deteriorating floors without stressing your budget.

4. Comes with various color & flake blend options:

Epoxy is the most ideal flooring material for adding flair to a garage, patio or business space. This unique flooring option is popular in many business environments for many reasons. A standout amongst these reasons is that it is usually offered in a variety of stunning colors and flake options. There are an assortment of flake blends to choose from and customers can pick an epoxy that complements the overall style of their home or business. It doesn’t make a difference if you are coating your existing floor with epoxy, you’ll still have an array of colors for your floor. Having epoxy floors in your garage or workspace will bring a gush of fresh air into your space. 

Elite epoxy prides ourselves on delivering the highest quality of work to each customer ensuring an amazing floor and a memorable customer experience.

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