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Don't Waste Your Money!

"Do-it-yourself" water-based epoxy kits are heavily promoted across the internet and available at almost any local hardware store. At least 50% of the jobs we do we spend time grinding off a "Do-It-Yourself" previously coated water-based epoxy that was applied. The look of a peeling and chipping epoxy garage floor or patio/sidewalk is not the curb appeal most people dream of. DIY epoxy products are user friendly and cheap. Why?

3 Reasons Not To Use D-I-Y Kits:

1. Low Water & Moisture %:

The kits are made with a water-based epoxy, giving it a longer pot life, and making it more user friendly when applying. This however is a problem. Water-based epoxy kits only withstand 2% water moisture while 100% solids epoxy withstands 9%. This is 7% higher than commercial level industry standards.

2. No Grinding or Repairing of The Concrete Surface:

Each job at Elite Epoxy, the concrete surface is grinded to every corner and cleaned thoroughly for the best bond between the epoxy & concrete. This ensures a lifetime guarantee. Cracks and holes in the concrete tend to happen, repairing them properly takes experience and proper products, we make sure they're all filled and repaired before applying the epoxy properly so it looks flawless.

3. Long list of precautions, extra equipment & Steps:

Using a DIY epoxy kit will leave you having to cut corners and frustrated due to steps most Do -it- Yourselfers are unprepared for.

Read the “Instruction Sheet” provided with a DIY epoxy and you’ll see what I mean. Instructions typically suggest that when using the product you are to wear industry approved respirators and assess moisture content. The instructions often even specify to repair damaged concrete and remove oil spots! Who has the time or knowledge base for that!?! Trust me, call the professionals!

Contact us before sacrificing your garage floor and money for a cheaper option DIY water-based epoxy kit.

Checkout our other blogs linked on our website, we'd love to hear from you when you're ready to start your project, we make the process quick and easy, leaving you with a beautiful looking garage floor that's done to last!

Let us help you seal the deal!

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