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Elite Epoxy/Concrete
Flooring Specialists

Our Meticulous 5 Step Process:

Step 1: Diamond Grind
To prep your floor, our crew uses a diamond grinder which will open the pours of the concrete, ensuring a stronger, more permanent bond. 
Step 2: Tape, Clean & Repair
We vacuum, blow and rinse any excess dust & dirt, followed by tapping off any areas not getting epoxied and filling any major cracks. 
Step 3: Base Coat & Flake
A solid base coat of 100% solids epoxy is applied to the concrete. A full flake broadcast blend of choice chosen by the customer is then thrown.
Step 4: Top Coat
Chemical, UV, oil, scratch and abrasion resistant Polyaspartic 85 sealer coat is heavily applied. 
Step 5: Enjoy Your Elite Floor!
Your floor is all done, allow 24 hours before foot traffic & 48 hours for vehicle traffic.
Why Choose Us?
Lifetime Guarantee
Professional Service
Locally owned & built
Trusted and Insured
We consider it a meticulous art.
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